Laser & Sclerotherapy

Candidates include Women/Men over 18 years who have unwanted leg veins. Large or small deep veins (up to 5mm. in diameter), as well as small spider veins of the legs, that are a cosmetic concern, may be treated. Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology leg vein therapies are for primarily aesthetic concerns of the legs. Candidates should not be. Tanned at the time of treatment.

Expected Results

The use of lasers, 910nm – Radio Frequency systems, 940nm diode laser, Intense Pulsed Light systems or Pulsed Dye Lasers are used to remove unwanted small leg veins and spider veins. With appropriate management of the deep feeding vein system, the use of these lasers can result in over 75% success in clearing leg veins. If the veins are resisting to Laser treatment, we inject them with hypertonic saline (what we call it Sclerotherapy) to enhance the injury of the lining of blood vessels, so it could close faster.

varicose veins treatment
Laser & Sclerotherapy

Description of Procedure

The laser or Intense Pulsed Light system is turned on for a fraction of a second. The light emitted by the laser is selectively absorbed by the hemoglobin pigment in your leg veins. The duration of the pulse is just long enough to injure the lining of the blood vessel so that it will close over and fade over the first few weeks after treatment. Skin protection is provided by cooling gel. The Sclerotherapy is the injection of hypertonic saline in the small veins so the lining of the vein we be injured, and the vein will close, and fade slowly.

Healing & Downtime

Immediately after laser leg vein treatment; the area may be slightly red and puffy. This reaction subsides quickly and some patients may develop a slight bruise that disappears over 8-10 days. Of course after it will be mild bruising, and pain. The treated veins fade over a period of six weeks. If needed, you may have another treatment at 4-6 weeks following treatment. You should avoid being excessively tanned at the time of treatment and protect the area from the sun for several weeks. Charming skin is your one stop clinic for Sclerotherapy in Chicago. If you are interested to learn more about the Sclerotherapy procedure, contact us our Oak Brook & Orland Park office at 630/974-1400.

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