According to Health and Human Services reports in the US, varicose vein has become one of the growing health issues in both men and women. Almost 55 percent of women and about 45 percent men in the US suffer with some kind of vein problem. In fact, varicose veins affects half of Americans over the age of 50. Owing to rising cases of varicose veins, there is a high demand for best varicose vein treatment in Chicago, IL. Visit for best varicose vein treatment in Chicago, IL

Varicose veins is unattractive twisting of the veins. The veins appear red or blue and unnaturally twisted. Varicose is caused by blood pooling in the veins that carry the blood back from the heart. Though, it can affect any area of the body, it is most common in the legs due to the pressure exerted by the veins in the legs while walking and standing.

What happens with varicose veins?

It has been seen that some patients with varicose veins show no symptoms and the problem is just a cosmetic concern. While for most varicose veins can become really painful; leaving the legs swollen and restless. A small number of patients tend to develop further complication leading to foot and leg ulcers and increased cardiovascular issues. best varicose vein treatment

Treating the varicose veins

If you have varicose veins, you can visit Charming Skin and Vein Clinic for best varicose vein treatment in Chicago, IL. The clinic serving the residents of Chicago, Orland Park, Oak Brook and Villa Park, has facilities and staff to take care of patients from other areas of the country and beyond.

Charming Skin and Vein Clinic begins varicose vein examination with an ultrasound at the clinic. If a problem is identified in the ultrasound exam, the clinic then develops a dedicated treatment plan for the patient.

Treatment of varicose veins

Varicose vein treatment generally begins with compression stocking therapy. This is an effective way to compress the veins by applying an elastic stocking around the leg. The compression garment acts as a muscle, gently compressing the stretched vein walls closer. If compression stocking therapy doesn’t work, and symptoms persist for over three months, then the clinic renowned for best varicose vein treatment in Chicago, IL, will think of Laser Vein Therapy.
Since, every patient is unique, the treatment will differ from person to person but the result is the same. Patients recover with the treatment and lead a healthy life.

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