Sclerotherapy can be defined as the use of hypertonic saline on affected veins in order to ensure that these veins are affected by the heat used during the procedure, so they close up and fade a few weeks after treatment. In essence, in this procedure, the affected areas are subjected to laser heat or intense pulsed light. This light or heat works on the gel that is already injected into the affected veins causing them to close up due to the heat. The skin is however protected from being affected by the heat by the use of a cooling gel that is applied prior to the heat being turned on.

Laser Vein Treatment Chicago. Oak Brook

Who is a Good Candidate For This Procedure?

Anyone who has varicose veins, spider veins or even unwanted leg veins is a candidate for this procedure.  However, it is recommended that the person be over 18 years of age, be they male or female. This is because this procedure as well as laser treatment is considered as minor surgery and requires the patient to be of consenting age. Many who come to seek treatment for veins issues are mostly concerned about the cosmetic issues. In actual fact, such ailments as varicose veins pose a greater risk than you losing your aesthetic value. In advanced stages, varicose veins can cause blood circulation problems since the blood is not being pumped to all the parts of the body causing a back-flow of deoxygenated blood.

Chicago sclerotherapy

 What to Expect From the Treatment

Chicago sclerotherapy is a non-invasive process. As such, patients should not expect to experience any pain during the process. Of course, if the condition had gone too far, the patient may feel the pain caused by the swollen veins but will ease as the veins lose blood and fade away some time after the procedure.

It should be understood that most doctors may start out with laser treatment and only result in sclerotherapy if the veins resist the laser treatment. A patient however has the choice to request for direct sclerotherapy as it may hasten the process.

Soon after the treatment, you can expect the treated areas to be a bit swollen and even reddened. This will however go down in time being replaced by mild bruising and slight pain. Six weeks after the treatment, the veins completely fade away and you can be as good as new. Take caution to cover the treated area from direct sun for this duration of time.

Sclerotherapy recovery

Where is sclerotherapy available?

Chicago has become a home to varicose vein issues as well as other vein ailments. As such, you can access Chicago sclerotherapy vein treatment in any number of vein clinics. There are a few Chicago sclerotherapy veins clinics that are renowned. One of the best clinics in Chicago is Charming Skin & Vein Clinic located in Orlando Park and another clinic in Oak Brook.

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