Varicose veins and spider skin issues have been troubling people all over the world since ages. And the situation in modern USA is no better either with almost every two persons in five suffering from varices. In fact, according to a research conducted by Dr. Greg Martin, MD, more than 80 million adult Americans are suffering from varices or spider skin.


Being regarded as a cosmetic problem, numerous times you will see people falling for myths rather than going for proper Chicago laser treatments for varicose veins. And this is where Charming Skin & Vein Clinics come in of real help. Our experienced laser experts and dermatologists not only help you know more about the disease but also provide the best Chicago laser treatments for varicose veins to help you lead a pain-free, normal life.

Here are certain myths surrounding varicose veins that we have busted for you. Have a look:

1. Crossing legs and wearing high heels cause varicose veins: According to renowned doctors of varicose veins, these two conditions never cause varicose veins. It is prolonged standing on a regular basis that causes varicose veins. For example, a salesperson or a ticket collector, whose job profile requires them standing for hours long, is more susceptible to this condition than others.

2. Varicose veins are cosmetic issues: As we said earlier, most people think this issue to be a cosmetic problem. And, trust us, this is a big mistake for varicose veins not only cause great pain and uneasiness in legs but they also act as a warning signal to great many long-term health risks, including deep vein thrombosis. So, get a Chicago laser treatment for varicose veins done without delay to maintain a healthy life.

3. Men do not suffer from varicose veins as well: Although women are more susceptible to this disease, thanks to numerous women health issues like pregnancy, men also suffer from varicose veins. However, they are less likely to go in for treatments – thinking varices to be a type of cosmetic problem – than the women. However, since varices as a whole isn’t a cosmetic issue, it is better to seek proper Chicago laser treatment for varicose veins today than keep it closeted.

4. Varicose veins and spider skin are same: Well, at least such is the case according to many! However, truth is that although both of them seem akin to each other, they are primarily different health conditions – spider skin may be a flag-bearer of varicose veins. And according to eminent dermatologist, it is not uncommon for a person to have both these diseases on a single leg.

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