What Is Varicose Vein

By description, Varicose Vein is a condition where veins become enlarged and twisted. For the most part, this condition is associated to the veins on the legs even though it can happen to just about any other veins in the body. The reason as to why varicose vein is most common on the legs is because this is the part of the body that carries the most pressure when standing.


Cause of Varicose Vein

As mentioned above and as any Chicago Varicose Vein doctor would explain, this condition is caused when veins swell and blood flow through the veins is interrupted or confused where the leaflets of the legs no longer work causing blood to flow backwards. In essence, the veins end up not working properly therefore, if not monitored or corrected, can cause a problem to the circulatory system.


I heard a particular varicose vein doctor in Chicago mention that this condition can be treated, and it is true. There are many ways of treating this condition depend on the extent of damage.


For starters, as the Chicago varicose vein doctor explained, one can use leg elevation and exercise to treat this problem. There are also elastic stockings that exert some pressure on the veins allowing them to re-align. This is for the less serious stage of the condition. If it is serious, a doctor based in Orlando Park stated that one would have to go for surgery where the affected veins would be removed. You could also have the main vein that is leaking sealed during surgery as a way of treatment.

One doctor from Oak Brook suggested the use of radio frequency, endeavors laser treatment or even ablation instead of any invasive surgery to treat varicose vein.


There are few ways of preventing varicose vein all of which encourage healthy living. Exercise enables your body to be used to regular pressure preventing the cause of varicose vein. Eating healthy meals also helps in preventing this condition. I case you believe you are prone to having this problem and cannot maintain a regular exercise regime, try wearing protective clothing like elastic stockings.

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