Facial fillers – The saying goes, “time waits for no man’ and it is true. No matter your age, dialect, tribe or race social standing or even religion, time will come and go as it pleases not caring what you think. As time passes you, it leaves its effects on you including aging and wrinkling. We try protect our beauty as best we can, but since the effects are natural, the best we can do is try to replenish our looks best we can. This is where facial fillers come in. Facial fillers Chicago

What are facial fillers?

Chicago Facial fillers are injectable solutions that work to fill up the skin, making it look fuller and thus younger. However, unlike other facial replenishing solutions like Botox, facial fillers work specifically for small portions of the skin at a time and yet cost far less than Botox. Wrinkle fillers also come in handy in situations where the patient wants to amplify such areas as the lips, cheeks or even the jaw line while some make use of them to ‘tighten up’ sagging arms. The procedure is fast and very easy making it an easy choice for most. There are a number of versions and types of facial fillers used for this exact purpose, though they work differently.

Types of facial fillers

The most commonly used facial fillers is Hyaluronic Acid Filler. It comes as such brands as Belotero Balance, the Restylane range, HylaForm as well the Juvederm range of fillers. This particular filler has been termed as the most reliable since for starters, the repeated use of Hyaluronic Acid fillers has been claimed to increase the production of collagen in the body giving the patient a more permanent solution to looking younger. It has also been claimed that regular use ensures that the patient’s needs to use less and less filler with every time. Chicago Facial fillers

Other common types of facial filler Chicagoinclude synthetic wrinkle filers, Collagen wrinkle fillers and Autologous wrinkle fillers among a handful of others.

Side effects of facial fillers

As all good things go, there are side effects to using facial fillers. The most common ones include risk of reaction in case the patient is allergic to the particular type of filler used. A good Chicago facial fillerdoctor will therefore test the filler in a small secluded region first before proceeding with the treatment. Other side effects include Tyndall effect where the skin discolors to a blue hue, formation of bumps under the skin where the filler is injected with the most adverse side effect being blindness and paralyses. Of course, if you have an experienced and certified doctor do it, these side effects will be to the minimal. With Dr. Harouni, Jawdat Abboud, H.E. Dr. Mubarak Mumammad Ali Majzub and Abdel Elsiddig.


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