How Botox Came About

When Botox was first discovered, it was discovered as a treatment for ailments that were not related to wrinkles or anything cosmetic. It actually took a while before the Food and Drug Administration approved it for cosmetic. Chicago Botox From 1989 when it was first used, Botox was not approved for use as a cosmetic solution, at first as a solution for sagging skin, until 2002. However, even then, it was required for patients to be fully educated on its effect, possible side effects and recovery time. It was relevant for them to also know who was a viable candidate for Botox.

Who is a viable candidate for Botox?

There are certain conditions that make it impossible for an individual to be a good candidate for Chicago Botox. These include pregnancy, are allergic to any component in the Botox, have an infection or even a cut in the sight of treatment. Multiple sclerosis, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome, or myasthenia graves conditions also exempt the patient from being a candidate for Botox. Why choose Botox Such medical histories as loss of vision, temporary paralysis or double vision stand to complicate the procedure and therefore make the patient with such a history a bad candidate for Botox Chicago.

Why choose Botox

Evidently, many choose to go the Botox way as opposed to other procedures that have come up. There are a number of reasons why. First of all, the Botox procedure takes a short time and is not intrusive. The process simply involves the injection of Botox to the areas needing treatment. This takes a few minutes and that’s it! The other factor is that its results show in just a few hours. It also follows that if you discover that you do not like the results of the procedure, you can discontinue the process without having any repercussions. Who is a viable candidate for Botox The other main advantage that makes many go for Chicago Botox is the fact that, when done right, and in the absence of the above named issues, there are few risks to Botox. Find a good doctor in Chicago, in such clinics as Charming Skin & Veins Clinics in Oak Brook, Villa Park or in Orlando Park.

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