As years go by and you try to keep up with your daily hustle and bustle to keep your life as comfortable as you would want, the one thing that is bound to show evidence of your work is your face. With the each stroke of the clock, your skin ages and as such, your face shows. This is why many run to the solutions offered by different facelift procedures. One of the most common as successful procedures is stem cells facelift procedure.

What is stem cells facelift?

By simple definition, stem cell facelift is a non- surgical fat grafting procedure that makes use of stem cells in enabling the skin to produce more collagen. In essence, the procedure involves the harvesting of fat cells from areas rich in body fat through liposuction. These fats are then processed to separate platelets resulting in a platelet rich plasma which is then injected into the targeted areas. This procedure, once complete and done right enhances the production of collagen in the target areas causing the skin to look younger and fuller.

stem cells facelift Chicago

How invasive is the procedure?

Well, seeing as how it is a non-surgical procedure, stem cells facelift Chicago in not invasive as the plasma is injected into the skin using fine needles.

Benefits of having a stem cell facelift

Much as there isn’t much scientific proof of how long it holds, patients who have had the procedure done state that this is one of the best options as it lasts far longer than other procedures. This is mainly attributed to the fact that stem cells facelift Chicago makes use of natural stem cells that enhance the production of collagen without adding any chemicals into the skin. The skin then adapts easily and naturally making it age comfortably without any sudden collapse.

stem cells facelift

Where to have it done

This is one of the least regulated procedures and as such, you should find a trusted clinic to have it done. Charming Skin & Vein Clinics in Des Plaines, Chicago is a nice choice for stem cells facelift Chicago. The doctors here specialist in skin and are certified and qualified to do the perfect job!

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