What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP as we know it better, is a natural healer created from a person’s own body. For the treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn (like for a normal blood test). The blood is placed in a sterile tube to spin in a centrifuge. By the process, different components of the blood are separated – the white blood cells and red blood cells are divided from platelet and plasma, and the plasma now contains more platelets – this is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and PRP facial in Chicago is really becoming a norm.

prp facial Chicago

Using PRP

Platelets are blood cells that assist in the growth and healing of tissues and new cells. Once PRP is filtered from the blood, it can be injected in any specific area of the skin to enhance your body collagen to grow, regenerate tissues, in process smoothen, and tighten the skin in the treated area. Owing to this property of PRP, the treatment – PRP facial in Chicago is becoming a go to treatment to soften wrinkles and smoothen skin tone and texture.

Why PRP?

In Chicago, PRP facial treatment has become largely popular after Kim Kardashian tried and recommended the procedure. Ever since more and people have started going for PRP treatment that stimulates collagen to help in total rejuvenation of the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma facial treatment is used to volumizing faces, lessen wrinkles, lighten dark circles, improve skin tone, and enhance tightness and texture of the skin.

Chicago PRP Facial

What happens during and after PRP treatment?

During the procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn from your body. While the blood is centrifuged for division of cells, your skin will be cleaned and prepared for treatment. When ready, the Platelet Rich Plasma will be injected in the area to be treated. Generally, this is mildly uncomfortable. The procedure takes only 15 minutes, there can be mild swelling or bruising, which subsides in a day or two. Interestingly, Chicago PRP facial has no side effects, since it is a purely natural treatment.

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