Fractional Resurfacing / Matrix RF™

Fractional resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the quality of your skin. With fractional resurfacing you can see an improvement with wrinkles, acne scars, scars, sun damage, brown spots and other skin problems. You will begin to see results immediately and there is minimal to no downtime. Fractional resurfacing is long lasting, but not permanent and you may require follow-up procedures to maintain your new look.

Candidates for Resurfacing

The best candidates are people with mild to moderate wrinkles, brown age spots and rough skin, mild to moderate lax tightening and any damage from acne. Anyone with sun damage is also a prime candidate.

Description of Procedure

Lasers or RadioFrequency work by utilizing a customized light that passes through the skin and is absorbed by the water in the damaged collagen just beneath the surface of the skin. The laser light is able to remove very fine layers of skin, therefore, diminishing the look of wrinkles and smoothing the skins texture. Fractional resurfacing stimulates collagen renewal and as the healing process begins, new cells generate leaving the skin smoother and softer.

There is less downtime with fractional resurfacing, results are longer lasting, less invasive, less pain, and noticeable results are seen much quicker.

It is recommended that you have three treatments, once a month for three months.

You can begin to see results immediately, with more prominent results occurring over the first few months following treatment.

The equipment used is the Matrix RF™ by Syneron.

Healing & Downtime

You may experience some swelling and redness most people look like they have a tan or bronze look for a few weeks after the procedure. You will experience some peeling for about a week following treatment, but that is normal and a good moisturizer helps. There is little to no pain and you can continue with your normal activities

Addtional Information

There may be some minor discomfort during the treatment, however, there is no lasting discomfort. Although very uncommon, there is a small risk of a skin wound developing that can result in a permanent scar or depression. Further treatments may be necessary to improve these should they occur.

Other Options

Microdermabrasion, FotoFacial, Fillers, and Fractional Laser ( Matrix IR )

Matrix RF Laser Resurfacing
Fractional skin resurfacing
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