Latest varicose vein treatments: Latest treatment has led to competition; bringing the newest vogue device, swift-tested procedures for putting an end to VARICOSE VEIN. The following points state the latest treatment with full understanding.  Latest varicose vein treatments

1. Mechanico-Chemical Ablation (MOCA) or Clarivein

During this process, a chemical is injected into the targeted vein. This is followed by a mechanical strapping of wire at 3500 revolutions into the targeted vein. This combination makes the injected medicine more effective. Despite this is one of the oldest amongst the latest varicose vein treatment, it has the following advantages.

a. To introduce the catheter into the saphenous vein, only ONE numbing medicine (injection) is required.
Note: Numbing medicine (tumescent anesthesia) is not required to surround the targeted saphenous vein.  Mechanico-Chemical Ablation (MOCA) or Clarivein

b. MOCA procedure is fast; usually, takes only about twenty minutes.

On May 2016 National Institute for Health and Excellence guidelines finds that MOCA is a successful and accepted treatment for varicose veins. This makes Health and Excellence guidelines support the use of MOCA.

Recommendation; there is need to use Stockings for two weeks after the procedure. In terms of medical insurance, MOCA is covered! varicose Vein Glue or Venaclose Closure System

2. Varicose Vein Glue or Venaclose Closure System

Venaseal glue is the latest trend in the world for vein treatment. Similarly to MOCA, just one numbing injection is required for the catheter to be introduced into the vein. Using an instrument that looks like a gun; Medical cyanoacrylate glue is injected into the vein. During this procedure, the glue causes an irritation to the vein; this calls for the use of an anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen or Motrin, often time antihistamine is also prescribed.

The glue is an implantable device that can be present for over five to ten years! This procedure takes about 15minutes only in an experienced hand and it requires no heavy compression stockings for support before and after the procedure. Guess what? You can hit the gym and work out the same day.

Usually, the surface of the varicose veins gets smaller after the glue procedure but will not disappear. Nevertheless, there is need to clean up the surface veins that you see on the skin after three months following this procedure. This, however, isn’t applicable to all patients.

Note: Vein Glue is not covered by any medical insurance.



Yes, it boasts about 98.9% success (VeClose Study), with lesser complication than surgery. With meticulous craze in the United States, and Europe for over half a decade now; VenaSeal is considered highly effective with no use of heat and can be performed applying a little amount of local anesthetic in place of Nerve Block or large volumes of Tumescent Anesthetic. In addition, two or more veins can be treated in one session.

Varicose Vein Glue or Venaclose Closure System

Little or no discomfort as there is no need for injecting Tumescent Anesthetic to the vein
Compression stockings not required
Minimal time required
Return to Normal Activities as there is no admission to hospital or general anesthesia
There is no chance of Nerve Damage or Thermal Injuries

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