Are you looking for a fruitful solution to ward off those annoying spider skin and varicose veins from your legs? We understand that these marks can really hamper your confidence in public. But do you know that if left untreated, these sly venous problems can give birth to dreadful diseases like deep vein thrombosis? However, fret no more for we, Charming Skin & Vein Clinics, bring to you laser vein therapies in Oak Brook, Orland Park and Chicago, which shall go a long way to curb these signs and marks forever and help you to lead a life oozing confidence and spontaneity.

laser vein therapy Chicago

Named among the best laser vein removal clinics in Chicago, Charming Skin & Vein Clinics offers you an array of minimally invasive laser treatments and great dermatologists to bid goodbye to your erratic skin conditions and venous problems. Here is a brief knowhow on the laser treatments on offer:

1. Laser therapy for spider veins: Spider veins are generally thread-like bluish purple lines that bulge out of the skin in the legs. These may be simple spider skin or may be a precursor to the varicose veins. For such early symptoms, our dermatologists use simple laser vein therapy in Chicago. In this procedure, laser rays are pierced through the skin and made to penetrate through the superficial blood vessels, hurting them and causing them to seal thereafter. This minimally invasive technique requires just 20 minutes and within a couple of hours, the marks will tend to minimize and fade away.

2. Focus Guided Imaging Techniques: It is a newer procedure and requires just an hour for a single leg to be treated. The best thing about the focus guided imaging techniques is that such laser vein removal therapies in Chicago show rapid relief symptoms. This means the condition of the legs starts showing improvement right after the therapy is completed. A cosmetically pleasing procedure, FGI is a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and uses laser techniques to cure the varicose veins from their roots.

3. Sclerotherapy: One of the finest and most important inventions in modern times, Sclerotherapy is generally prescribed to candidates over 18 years of age. This laser vein therapy in Chicago makes use of a variety of lasers – 910 nm Radio Frequency systems, Intense Pulsed Light systems, 940nm diode laser, or Pulsed Dye Lasers – to cure varicose veins. If all these fail to procure the desired

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