Nature has a way of reminding us that, whether we are male or female, we all struggle with the same issues at some point or other. Unwanted hair is one of these issues. However, some of the methods we use to try get rid of it only work to make it worse. You end up either with bumps, or black heads and sometimes, the hair comes back with a vengeance looking like it went and got all its relatives to join in. well, if you are in this category of vengeance, we have the perfect solution for you. DES PLAINES LASER HAIR REMOVAL

Laser hair removal

There may be many methods of hair dilapidation but this one has proven true and faithful to many.
Laser hair removal is simply the removal of unwanted hair by subjecting the hair to heat pulses that dig deep into the skin and destroy the hair from the follicle.

How does laser hair removal work?

Well, the pulses of light target the melanin (which is what gives hair its colour) because it is dark. It absorbs the heat thus causing damage to the stem cells of the hair follicle. This in turn simply kills the hair.

Are there categories of laser hair removal?

Well, there may not be categories as such but there are different types of laser hair removal Des Plaines. These include Alexandrite, Ruby, Pulse Diode array and ND: YAG. The method of hair removal is the same, what changes in these types is the wavelength, the source of light and the type of hair the type is most effective on. LASER HAIR REMOVAL DES PLAINES

Pros and cons

Well, the most important and sought after pro of Des Plaines laser hair removal is the fact that it comes as close to a permanent solution as possible. Unlike other options that give you a short span of time before having to repeat the process again. The main con to laser hair removal Des Plaines is the pain expected to follow a procedure. Some people may also experience skin discoloration, acne or even swelling of the hair follicles.

Where to have it done

There are clinics that specialize in laser hair removal. However, Charming Skin & Veins Clinics have been claimed to offer the best Des Plaines laser hair removal. Visit any of their clinics and book a session.

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