Individuals with the signs and symptoms of Rosacea Specifically any individuals that suffer from excessive redness, erythema, flushing and blushing skin, inflammatory skin, sensitive skin, enlarged pores and rosacea related acne. Those who have cancerous skin tumors, those currently using Accutane® and certain inflammatory conditions of the skin may not be candidates.

Description of Procedure

The Charming Skin & Vein Clinics Rosacea program involves the use Crystal Peel treatments, nonablative diode lasers, Intense pulsed optical and Radiofrequency energy gently directed at the rosacea. FotoFirm™ treatments are combined together with the FotoFacial RF™ program to achieve the optimal results. The treatment helps minimize the rosacea redness and flushing, broken capillaries and brown spots and stimulates the production of your own collagen, elastin and ground substance and after approximately 5-6 treatments, the fine wrinkles appear smoother and your skin firmer, tighter and perhaps even “lifted”. FotoFirm™ produce a smoother, firmer youthful, vital and less aged looking skin. The FotoFacial Rosacea program is performed as an outpatient with topical Anesthetic cream and a skin chiller.


Healing and Downtime

Most patients have no side effects. Unlike laser resurfacing, FotoFacial™ and FotoFirm™ rosacea treatments attack the superficial deeper layer of your skin under the epidermis (outer layer). There is no redness, oozing or cleansing. Following treatment, some may find the skin to be light pink (flushed). This fades within a few hours. Often, the treatments under the eyes will lead to swelling and edema for several days, as this is very thin, wrinkled skin. After the FotoFacial™, FotoFirm™ program the skin feels soft and even. Studies show wrinkles and blemishes improve in over 80% of patients after 4-6 treatments. Up to 70% of the rosacea redness and pimples will be a thing of the pass. The patient can reapply makeup and return to work, activities, etc. immediately after treatment. It takes approximately 6 treatments to achieve best results, depending on the skin type and condition. FotoFirm™ treatments are always combined as part of the FotoFacial™ Rosacea program.

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