Sclerotherapy is very similar with laser treatment as both make use of heat for treatment. Sclerotherapy is however more related to cosmetic treatment, unlike laser therapy which can be used even in more serious medical vein issues.

Who Needs Sclerotherapy

As any other ailment, only those affected by spider veins or have unwanted veins in the legs or arms make good candidates for sclerotherapy. Being over 18 years of age is also a requirement since the consent of an adult is necessary. As such, this should not be taken as a purely cosmetic procedure as it is necessitated by disorderly function of veins, and is therefore a more correctional procedure than it is cosmetic.

What the Procedure Entails

As mentioned above, Chicago sclerotherapy vein treatment involves the use of intense pulsed light. As such, systems that make use of intense pulsed light are used to take out any of the unwanted veins in the affected area. The veins are subjected to the intense light for a fraction of a second at a time. This time is enough for the light to be taken in by the hemoglobin in the veins. The heat then also works to damage the vein and make it close up. If this does not work, hypertonic saline is injected into the veins to help kill them faster. This is where sclerotherapy comes in.

Varicose vein tretament

What to Expect After Treatment

Much as Chicago sclerotherapy veins treatment is mostly topical, it does come with a level of pain. The patient may experience some level of bruising and puffiness around the treated area. This will last for close to two weeks. For the more seriously affected areas, the patient may need to go back for review after 4 or six weeks depending on rate of healing from the first procedure.

Where to Go For Sclerotherapy

As previously mentioned, sclerotherapy is more cosmetic than surgical; more so than laser vein treatment is. As such, when looking for a good choice of clinic for sclerotherapy veins Chicago, go for a clinic that homes dermatologists. You are even better placed having a dermatologist doing the procedure as they will not only get rid of the problem but have an occupational hazard to leave your skin looking better than they found it. Good Chicago sclerotherapy vein treatment clinics include such clinics as Charming Skin & Vein Clinics in Oak Brook and Orlando Park.

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