Having unwanted hair in the all the wrong places can be quite embarrassing. In big numbers especially, unwanted hair could easily turn you into an introvert who is afraid of getting close with people for fear of embarrassment. The worst part is when you seek out solutions to the problem only to have them make the situation even worse. Shaving sensitive skin for instance causes bumps and in some cases ingrown hairs which are more unsightly than actually having hair. It is for this reason that laser hair removal is the best option; no matter how sensitive your skin is.

Laser hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal side effects

The process of laser hair removal Chicago is simplified as the introduction of pulses heat to selected areas of the skin for a fraction of a second. This process is repeated until the entire region is covered. The full procedure can last from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes. This can be done over a number of sessions where necessary. The larger the area from which hair needs to be removed the longer the process. There are some common side effects that come with laser hair removal. Due to the heat treatment, one may experience itching on the treated area. This could be followed by redness of the area as well as swelling. However, you need not worry as all these side effects fade after a few days leaving your skin looking healthy and hair free.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

This is one of the main benefits of laser hair removal Chicago. Unlike other hair removal solutions, laser hair removal leaves the treated area hair free for a much longer time than any other method. Much as it may not remove hair permanently, it is a sure way to give you the freedom you desire for quite some time since the statistics show that full regrowth of hair comes after periods of years. This is achieved by the fact that Chicago laser hair removal works from the inside killing the hair follicles form under the skin. This kills the follicles from inside which take a while before fully recovering and growing back.

Pain with Laser Hair Removal

This is a question that most patients ask. In essence, Chicago laser hair removal is not an intrusive process. This means that no instrument goes into your skin except heat pulses. The patient therefore feels little to no pain. Ensure however that you visit licensed clinics to avoid having a botched treatment. laser hair removal Chicago

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