Spider veins, scientifically known as Telangiectasia, is a condition that entails the appearance of small swollen veins on the arms or, and more commonly, on the legs. The worst part of the condition is you almost never find just one or two spider veins appearing; they always appear in clusters.  This then means that once you have them, you have to either cover up or find ways of dealing with them.

The causes of spider veins

Spider veins can come up due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of spider veins is occupational hazards where an individual spends most of the day on their feet. This can cause disruption of blood flow from the heart to the veins in the legs. When this happens, the veins get swollen and turn color, which is how spider veins come up. In bad situations, the veins could swell up bigger than just being spider veins and you could end up with varicose veins. How best to treat spider veins
Another cause of spider veins Chicago includes heredity or even just having a history of blood clots. This could mean that your veins do not always function properly and those moments when they are dysfunctional, spider veins could form. Obesity, pregnancy or other hormonal changes and such also play a role in the cause of spider veins and even varicose veins.

How to prevent spider veins

There are some of these causes that cannot be prevented like heredity and a history of clots. However, since spider veins are also caused by such factors as standing too long and obesity, there are ways of managing such causes. For starters, if you have a job that expects you to stand for long hours, simply try and get a few moments now and then to sit. Try also stretching in the morning to get your blood vessels pumping and ready for the day. On obesity, just watch your weight. Exercise, eat right and ensure that you activate your muscles and blood vessels by exercising and stretching regularly. How to prevent spider veins

How best to treat spider veins

there are a number of ways suggested to deal with spider veins Oak Brook. Some of these include the use of corrective stockings, using topical crèmes all of which are not permanent solutions. The causes of spider veins


In order to get rid of spider veins Oak Brook for good, look up the doctors at Charming Skin & Veins Clinics, either in Oak Brook or Orlando Park. Here you will find the best solutions in Chicago for spider veins as well as varicose veins.

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