Whether your breasts have become smaller with age, or because of pregnancy, or you have generally had smaller breasts, you can opt to increase the size of your bust line with help of your own body fat. Yes, with the fat transfer technique carried out by Charming Skin & Vein Clinics in Chicago.

How does fat transfer work in breast augmentation?

In this technique, the breasts augmentation is carried out by injecting specially purified fat from your own body. The plastic surgeon at Charming Skin & Vein Clinics examines and evaluates your breast and then looks for areas of excess fat in your body. Generally, the excess fat is extracted from thighs, buttocks or stomach areas. On identifying the area with surplus fat, the surgeon removes the fat and processes it though a unique purification process. The final fat extract is then injected to the breasts to enhance their volume.



How is fat transfer in Chicago better than other breast augmenting techniques?

Fat transfer in Chicago is a natural process wherein your own body fat is being used to increase the volume of your breast. Post procedure and recovery, you’re breast will feel natural and authentic, primarily because they are! The process involves lesser recover time and it is less discomforting as compared to breast implant. Also, the fat removal procedure means, you will get rid of some extra fat from your body.


Who is fat transfer in Oak Brook for?

Fat transfer in Oak Brook is a technique that is most suited for women with excess body fat. For fat transfer, a person should have some extra fat deposit on the body. The procedure is not for anyone who has always been lean, since it is hard to find access fat in such females. Therefore, if you do not have fat to spare, please prefer other breast augmentation techniques.

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