You may know Botox as a term used to define a cosmetic procedure that works on the skin to keep it looking young. However, in its true essence, Botox is a toxin that is produced by a bacterium that can cause botulism which is most common in cases of food poisoning. Botulism is dangerous as it can cause paralysis. However, scientists found ways of using this element to help you keep looking young.  When diluted to a certain amount, Botolium can be injected into certain muscles to control weakening thus causing the long lasting effect we know as Botox.

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Mechanisms behind Botox

As mentioned above, this toxin is injected into certain muscles to pause the weakening process. Muscle weakening is what causes your skin to look aged. As such, this toxin, once inside the muscles, works to block certain nerves that lead from the brain into the muscles. This effect then causes the existing wrinkles around that muscle to relax hence becoming soft. This leaves your skin looking much younger.

Oak Brook Botox

There are certain precautions that need to be taken prior to having the procedure done. You need to avoid alcohol at least a week before the procedure, and then avoid taking any medication that has an anti-inflammatory effect. Take comfort though since this process is least invasive as it only involves the use of a very fine needle directed to the specific muscles. Once the Botox is injected you are advised to avoid rubbing the treated area. You do not even need to be put on any anesthesia. It then only takes about five days to a week to take full effect.

Where to have it done

Chicago Botox 

With the growing demand for Botox Chicago, it is now possible to find it literally around the corner.  However, you should avoid using quakes that seem to offer the process at such low prices. If you are in Chicago, go for professional Chicago Botox specialists who have clinics and are licensed. There are also some great professional Oak Brook Botox doctors who are also licensed plastic surgeons. Orlando Park also features some prominent Botox specialists so you need not travel too far if you come from this region.

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