People tend to look at varicose veins as a cosmetic issue. It ruins your appeal, it ruins your dress code and so on. But in fact, varicose veins is a condition that could indeed prove fatal if severe cases are not attended to. This is because, in such cases, normal blood flow is inhibited and can thus result to such issues as ulcers in the affected areas, bleeding and even swelling. It is therefore important to treat them as early as when they can still be referred to as spider veins.

Why choose Sclerotherapy varicose veins Chicago

For the longest time, varicose veins have been treated externally through the use of creams and medication. However, truth of it all is that the best way to handle them is from the inside, where the issues begins. This is why Sclerotherapy is the best solution yet.

best sclerotherapy treatment varicose veins chicago

The procedure entails the injection of a sclerosant into the affected vein. The solution damages the inner lining of the vein, which then clots and blocks the vein. The body then treats the dead vein as waste and therefore clears it out. This permanently gets rid of the affected veins thus permanently getting rid of the ailment.
So why choose Chicago Sclerotherapy varicose veins? Because it offers a permanent solution to varicose veins.Have the procedure done by a Chicago Sclerotherapy varicose veins specialist. Try out a clinic like Charming Skin & Veins Clinic, Chicago.

How to prevent varicose veins

It is good to know how useful Sclerotherapy veins Chicago can be of use to you, but how do you prevent the same problem from starting up again?

Well, since there is no way that the affected veins can revive again, what you need to do is to ensure that no other veins are affected. You can do this by watching your weight, avoid standing for too long and doing regular exercise among other things. All these are bound to prevent you from having to make use of Chicago Sclerotherapy varicose veins.

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