Hair is the main element of your body that ads personality to you. When hair lost, be it little or a lot, it makes you look elder than your actual age. Sometimes, you get the negative judgments about your physical appearance because of the baldness and thin hair, leaving you with so much insecurity. It can have a deep and lasting negative effect on your mental health. However, there is a permanent solution to the problem called ALMI (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) hair restoration. Let’s dig a little deeper and know everything about the treatment and the science behind it.

Chicago almi hair restoration

What is ALMI hair restoration?

ALMI hair restoration in Chicago has become the most preferred treatment for the people who want to re-grow their hair to look younger and attractive forever. The injecting treatment uses regenerative stem cells and fat tissue to stimulate new hair, since they have great ability to repair and reactive inactive follicles in the scalp. The treatment requires a number of sitting sessions depending upon the progression of your hair loss, and volume of hair you lost and want to regrow.

 Science behind ALMI hair restoration in Chicago

According to the one of the popular name amongst ALMI hair restoration in Chicago is Charming Skin. The injections they use for the treatment includes Adipose tissue (made of lipocytes or fat cells). Injecting the tissue below the dormant scalp helps repairing damaged follicles and improving hair growth. almi hair restoration Numerous scientific studies and expert clinics providing of ALMI hair restoration in Chicago now accept that there is an intricate interaction and communication between adipose tissues, which enhances follicle growth and regeneration of lost hair. The treatment is 100 percent safe and does not involve any discomfort and pain. If you think this treatment will be a great help for you to improve your overall appearance, get assistance from Charming skin, who are one of the most popular ALMI hair restoration provider in Chicago, to look as young and beautiful as ever.

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