Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. It has to a level, been accepted as normal and people generally overlook it. However, if you have this condition, you know the limitations that come with it. Having your skin be the topic of discussion for the most part is not exactly interesting. The fact that it does not come and go but is always there makes it even worse. Well, now, with the finest procedure available, you can eradicate the fears and insecurities that come with this condition. Let’s give you a clear idea of what acne scars laser resurfacing is all about, what the procedure entails and who is a good candidate for it.

The procedure behind Acne scars laser resurfacing treatment

In essence, laser resurfacing is a procedure done on the skin with the use of laser heat to improve its general look, remove scars and blemishes and any such flaws.

Acne scars laser resurfacing

Depending on the level of damage, the procedure may start with the patient being put under general anaesthic or if the damage is not so bad, local anaesthetic will be used on the specific parts. Then, laser heat is used on the affected area. This thermal energy then goes deep into the skin layers that are damaged leaving the upper undamaged layers fully intact. The heat then injures the old skin, forcing it to rejuvenate and form new skin. This is how you end up with new, younger smoother looking skin. This describes how wrinkles laser resurfacing works. This is also why the acne scars cannot come back since, unlike other topical treatment available for acne scars, acne scars laser resurfacing treatment works from the inside out.

The procedure takes less than half an hour though the patient may need to have a number of sessions, again, depending on the extent of damage.

Who can be a good candidate for this procedure?

As all treatments, go, acne scars laser resurfacing treatment is applicable to anyone who has acne scars that need treating. Beyond this however, this same treatment can be used on skin that has wrinkles and needs rejuvenation, blemishes and even severe sunburn.

Where to have it done

There are few clinics that have mastered this treatment as yet. Since it takes a certain level of equipment, you need to look for a clinic that is highly qualified and can do it right. You can have laser resurfacing Chicago done at Charming Skin & Vein Clinics, either in Oak Brook or Orlando Park.

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